Program Summary

The Patent Research Foundation has developed a program (“Program”) for the purposes of inviting proposals and providing funding for innovative research related to the use of artificial intelligence and data science in the field of patent analytics. The goal of this Program is to provide funding support for research proposals from leading researchers in the fields of artificial intelligence, data science and patent research.  This Program is designed to support multidisciplinary experts with strong track records of collaboration and accomplishment in their respective fields.  PRF has established an Academic Advisory Board (the “AAB”), consisting of leading independent experts, academics, data scientists and legal practitioners.  The AAB will evaluate all Submissions (as defined below) and make funding recommendations.  The total amount to be funded by PRF on any one proposal (each, a “Grant”) and the total number of Grants will be determined by PRF based on such AAB recommendations.

Grant Process

Proposal Submission and Review Process

Below outlines the submission (each such proposal submitted, a “Submission”; each such researcher or research team, a “Submitter”) and review processes and how funding for Proposals will be determined:

    1. Proposal: Each Submitter shall submit a short executive summary (“Proposal”) that outlines the general goals of the research project, the qualifications of the Submitter, research progress made to date, anticipated and clear endpoints, and an anticipated timeline with expected milestones. Proposals must be submitted by e-mail to Limit one (1) Proposal per research team. Further details regarding the submission process for Proposals can be found below.
    2. Request for Additional Information: The AAB shall evaluate each Proposal and, in its sole discretion, may request additional information to supplement the Proposal materials.
    3. Funded Proposals: The AAB shall review and score all Proposals and shall recommend to PRF which, if any, of the Proposals shall receive funding (the “Funded Proposals”) and the amount of such funding. Each Submitter receiving a Funded Proposal agrees to deliver to PRF (i) a digital image of the Submitter(s) to be used on PRF’s website in connection with the Program; and (ii) an open-access electronic repository link (i.e, SSRN or otherwise) to any publication which contains any discussion relating to the Funded Proposal for inclusion on the PRF website.

Proposals will be accepted throughout the year and reviewed by the AAB on a rolling basis.  The evaluation process includes a Proposal review and AAB discussions, and generally spans approximately four to six weeks (subject to change by PRF and/or the AAB).

Official Rules
All Submitters shall be required to adhere to the official rules and shall be required to agree to certain terms available in a participation agreement required for each Funded Proposal. A copy of the Official Rules can be found here or obtained by contacting

Proposal Format

All Proposal submissions must be on 8 ½” x 11″ paper, using Times New Roman, 12-point font, single spaced, with 1″ margins. Proposals should have the following sections, each of which is limited as set forth below:

  1. Cover page
  2. Technical research project summary short paragraph (300-word limit)
  3. Lay research project summary and big picture impact short paragraph (300-word limit)
  4. Research project description (two (2) page limit)*
    * References are not included in the page count of the project description. Up to five (5) figures are permitted. The figures must be included in an appendix, and will not count towards the page count. Technical project milestones are encouraged and should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.
  5. Bio-sketch (one (1) paragraph for each researcher, total limit of two (2) pages for all researchers)
  6. Facilities and leverage (half (1/2) page limit)**
    **The term leverage is used in regards to the utilization of any resource/data set/ongoing research to further the proposed research. Such a resource could be physical (equipment, a unique product/reagent, tissue line, etc.) or theoretical (expertise, people, skills, new results etc.) in nature.
  7. Related prior and current grants (one (1) page limit)
  8. Summary budget (one (1) page limit)