PRF reports solve patent problems

Protecting intellectual property is a critical requirement for many businesses. Although there are numerous products that try to help companies navigate the patent space, patent practitioners face several challenges due to limitations in existing technologies. PRF produces actionable analytics that meet your workflow needs while specifically solving these challenges.

Proximity Report

An extremely reliable measure of relatedness of a patent to other patents and applications. Our advanced methodology provides the most accurate and relevant patent relations with any available pertinent data. We deliver an ordered list of related patents, including their activity and affiliated information.

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Data Visualizations

Our reports translate our analytics into diagrams that help you visualize proximities, strategic positioning, timelines and other critical patent intelligence.

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PRF Patent Solutions

Take a closer look at our patent solutions and see how PRF analytics solve common patent issues with actionable intelligence that help you make patent decisions with confidence.

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Complements your existing process

Because our service is based in the cloud, there’s no need to upgrade your computer storage, manage or install software, nor maintain any hardware. Best of all, there is no learning curve, extensive training, or costly downtime acclimating to new systems. Our interface is user-friendly: simply provide a point of reference – and we’ll examine every (yes, every) word in the patent space, and you’ll have a targeted report in your inbox by the time you grab a cup of coffee. We can boost your existing processes with the most relevant patent data available – and because we are a subscription service, your team is encouraged to explore the universe of patent potential, without being penalized by individual search fees.