Deep knowledge about the underlying data

Scientific computing and big data technologies are our passion – as we continually push the limits of data synergies, you’ll benefit from our ongoing academic exploration. The Patent Research Foundation was founded by scholars, academics and patent attorneys from UC Berkeley, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and UC Santa Barbara. We have years of experience working with experts at the USPTO, and have co-authored papers with individuals such as the Chief Economist at the USPTO.

Adam Lugowski, Ph.D. Chief Technology Officer
Prior to PRF, Adam Lugowski was a Lead Software Engineer at Turn Inc. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science from Purdue University. He also participated in post doctoral research at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland where he focused on text embeddings with an eye toward document similarity computation. Adam is a specialist in Big Data, efficient parallelization of sparse matrix-matrix multiplication, and machine learning methods. Adam oversees the computational challenges faced by PRF in maintaining our 296 Terabyte vector-space model. He has published in the Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing and the Sixth SIAM Workshop on Combinatorial Scientific Computing.

David Andrews, J.D. VP Legal Analytics
David Andrews is the moving force behind Claim Rank and Legal Analytics. David has worked as a software developer, writting code that has shipped in the Windows kernel. David then bridged his career into legal, graduating law school Summa Cum Laude while working full time. After law school and a Federal Clerkship, David worked as in-house counsel for Microsoft handling patent and IP matters, including serving as the head of the Cloud and Big Data patent strategy team. David’s extensive domain knowledge and fluency in NLP and machine learning enabled him to see new ways of analyzing patents at scale. David is a member of both the Washington State bar and admitted to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He is also a contributor to Stack Overflow and a serial hacker who has won many hackathon awards for innovation.

Bernadette Bulacan, J.D., LL.M. VP Business Development
Bernadette has more than a decade of experience building and growing legal technology businesses. A technology evangelizer, she was one of the original employees at Serengeti Law (acquired by Thomson Reuters) and held various leadership positions, including head of Market Development, at Thomson Reuters. Bernadette is one of the leading experts on the topics of effective management of legal departments and the use of technology and performance metrics in the legal profession. Based in Seattle, she is a former assistant general counsel and law firm partner, where she led her firm’s Entrepreneur and Emerging Companies practice group. Bernadette received her B.A. from Yale University and J.D., LL.M. from University of Washington.

Greg Shriber VP Products
Greg is a technology professional and entrepreneur with two decades of experience developing business strategy, launching new ventures, and delivering web-based legal products. Most recently, Greg served as CEO of Latitude Connect, a legal collaboration platform helping attorneys deliver better client service. Prior to Latitude, Greg was Director of Product Strategy in Thomson Reuters’ $300M corporate legal division where he oversaw numerous initiatives including their legal analytics offerings. As a founding member of Serengeti Law (acquired by Thomson Reuters), Greg managed product design for the industry’s highest-rated and most widely used law department management suite.

Mark Chealander Chief Security Officer
As a technology executive, Mark has helped to grow numerous software companies from early-stage to market leadership. His strong background in cyber security, IT operations and software management has translated into success in a diverse array of technologies including legal e-discovery (Applied Discovery), document collaboration (FileNET), law department management (Serengeti Law), and host-connectivity (Attachmate). Mark also brings extensive experience managing data security, hosted services, and technology consulting. Most recently, Mark served as CTO of Latitude Connect, a SaaS client collaboration platform serving law firms.