Patent analytics that get it right

The Patent Research Foundation provides an extensive vector space analysis of each and every word, in each and every patent – generating analytics that give you the highest level of confidence in your patents and patent strategy, reducing risk and curtailing costs.

Reports that support strategic IP decisions

Our patent analytics are designed to complement your existing systems and processes with reports that keep you on the cutting edge of patent intelligence. Our goal is to boost your existing processes and strategy with the most relevant patent data available – without adding layers of additional complexity..

Request reports quickly and easily

Our intuitive report request is as simple as A-B-C, saving you time and resources. Using your point of reference, we explore the deep patent space, checking every single word, in every single dimension, providing you the most advanced analytics with targeted, prioritized results.

Analytics grounded in science

Founded by scholars, academics and lawyers, the Patent Research Foundation is at the forefront of scientific computing and big data technologies. Dedicated to improving the science of Patent Analysis, we are committed to ongoing academic exploration, ensuring that our analytics are always based on the latest in scientific developments.

We are always exploring.

It's our mission to push boundaries of academic research.

Big Data Processing.

Leveraging scalable cloud computing resources, we process massive data.

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