Actionable intelligence

The Patent Research Foundation provides actionable intelligence that supports your patent work and strategy – and that you can’t get anywhere else. Using scientific algorithms that were computationally too expensive to implement just three years ago, our analytics help you take control of your patent costs, save time, and navigate the patent space with confidence.

Solutions to patent problems

Our analytics, based on revolutionary advancements in machine learning and data science, help you solve problems such as valuing patents for renewal, monitoring the patent space for activity, complying with the duty of disclosure, and locating prior art.

Superior results

Benchmarking against millions of actual prior art rejections, PRF scientists have rigorously validated that our 700,000-dimension Vector Space Model provides more accurate analyses than any search engine that relies on keywords, topic modeling, patent classifications, citations, abstracts or other low-dimension methods.

Scientifically validated

Founded by academics, the Patent Research Foundation is at the forefront of scientific computing and big data technologies. Dedicated to improving the science of Patent Analysis, we publish our methods in peer-reviewed journals, ensuring that our analytics are scientifically sound. Unlike “black-box” solutions, our methods are transparent and reviewed by the research community.

We are Always Exploring

It's our mission to push the boundaries of patent research.

Big Data Processing

Leveraging scalable cloud computing resources, we process massive data.

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